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Treasure Island Chapter 1

When Jim Hawkins was a boy, his family owned an inn near the sea. One day an old man called The Captain came to stay at the inn. Although he was old, he was very big and strong. His face was dark from years of life at sea. He wore an old blue coat, and he carried a large chest.

He asked, "Do many people live in this village?"

"No," Jim told him. "This is a quiet peaceful village."

The man said, "Good. Then I would like to stay here." Then he gave Jim some money to pay for food and a place to stay.

He never spoke much and he always watched the sea. One day he gave Jim some extra money. He said, "If you see a large man with one leg, come and tell me!"

The Captain looked worried. Jim realized The Captain was afraid of the man with one leg.

Jim kept watching for the man with one leg, but he never came.