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Treasure Island Chapter 2

One day, a strange man came in. The man looked around and asked, "Where can I find my old friend Billy Bones?"

The Captain heard the voice and turned around quickly. His face became white with fear.

""Billy! Billy Bones, do you remember me?" said the man. "It is me, Black Dog! I have come to see you my old friend." Black Dog whispered something to The Captain and then he left the inn quickly.

The Captain said to me, "I have to get away from here. Black Dog will come back, and he will bring men with him who are even worse than he is! They want my map. You must beware of Captain Flint's evil pirate crew!"

The Captain tried to stand up, but his legs were weak with fear. The Captian fell down dead on the floor.

Jim wanted to get the money that The Captain owed him. He looked in The Captain's old sea chest. Inside were dirty clothes, a bag of money and an old map. For some reason, Jim decided to take the map.

Then suddenly Jim heard pirates shouting outside. He went quickly and quietly out the back door of the inn.

The pirates broke down the front door of the inn and came inside. One of them shouted, "Old Billy Bones is dead! Where is his chest? Here is his chest! Where is the map? That boy has the map! Where is that boy? Find him!"