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Treasure Island Chapter 3

Jim ran to Dr. Livesey's house and showed him the map.

Dr. Livesey looked at the map and said, "This map belonged to the famous pirate Captain Flint. Everyone was afraid of him, but he is dead now. This map shows where his treasure is buried."

Dr. Livesey had an idea. "I will hire a ship," he said, "and we will go to look for Captain Flint's treasure!"

Dr. Livesey found a ship called the Hispaniola. The captain was Captain Smollett. Then Dr. Livesey and Jim went to the Spyglass Inn to hire sailors for the ship.

"When do we sail?" Dr. Livesey asked him.

"We sail tomorrow," said Captain Smollett, "but I have a bad feeling about this trip! I do not like the sailors! You didn't tell the sailors where we were going, but they all say we are looking for treasure! I don't know how they found out!"

"What should we do, Captain?" asked Dr. Livesey.

Captain Smollett said, "We must not let the sailors get the map. We must also keep all the weapons in my room."

Dr. Livesey said, "I think we can trust the sailors."

Captain Smollett said, "I hope you are right, but we will have to be careful!"