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Treasure Island Chapter 4

The next morning the Hispaniola left Bristol. The ship was good and the weather was good. Thee sailors were happy, and everyone liked Long John Silver, an old sailor with one leg.

Dr. Livesey had brought a barrel of apples for the sailors to eat. Jim wanted an apple, but he had to climb down inside the barrel because only a few apples were left.

While he was in the barrel, he heard a man talking. It was Long John Silver. Jim stayed very quiet, and he heard everything that Long John Silver said.

"Yes," Long John Silver said, "I sailed with Captain Flint many times. During one battle I lost my leg. I've seen a lot of fighting and I've seen a lot of treasure too. Most of Flint's men are right here on this ship. Once we have the map, the pirates can take the ship and find the treasure.."

Jim was very frightened, but suddenly someone shouted, "Land Ho!" The ship was coming to an island. Everyone moved away from the barrel to have a look.

Jim climbed out of the barrel and ran to find Dr, Livesey and Captain Smollett. "Most of the sailors are pirates!" Jim said. "They all sailed with Captain Flint! They want to kill us and take the treasure."

Dr. Livesey turned to Captain Smollett and said, "You were right about the sailors. They are all pirates. I am sorry I did not listen to you. What are we going to do?"