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Treasue Island Chapter 5

The sailors wanted to leave the ship and explore the island. Captain Smollett said, "Men, if you feel like it, you can take a boat and go to the island. You can enjoy the island until this evening, and then come back to the ship."

The pirates were happy, and they all got into small boats to go to the island. Jim wanted to see the island too, so he got into one of the boats. He felt like he already knew the island well, because he had carefully studied Billy Bone's map many times.

But he suddenly realized the pirates might capture him and use him as a hostage. When they got to the beach, Jim ran away from the pirates.

"Come back here," shouted Long John Silver. But Jim did not listen to him. He ran and hid in the jungle.

"What should I do?" Jim wondered. "The pirates will kill me if they catch me."