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Treasure Island Chapter 6

Captain Smollett, Dr. Livesey and the honest sailors loaded a small boat with food and guns rowed to the island. They only took enough food for about ten days. They took enough guns for the honest sailors, but they dropped the rest of the guns into the ocean.

There was a fort on the island, and they wanted to use it as a safe place to fight the pirates.

The next morning one of the men shouted, "Look! Someone is coming!"

It was a man with a white flag. It was Long John Silver.

"What do you want?" asked Captain Smollett.

"Captain Silver wants to talk to you," said Long John Silver.

"Oh! So you think you are a captain now, do you?" laughed Captain Smollett.

"We want the map," Long John Silver said. "Give us the map and I promise the pirates will not hurt you."

Captain Smollett said, "Listen to me, Long John Silver! You don't know where the treasure is, and you don't know how to sail the ship! You and your men should surrender!"

"Why should we surrender?" asked Long John Silver. "We will just wait until you run out of food! Then you will be happy to accept our kind offer!"