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Treasure Island Chapter 7

Jim walked through the jungle. Suddenly Jim saw a strange man. He was not one of the sailors.

Jim pointed his gun at him. "Who are you?" Jim asked.

"My name is Ben Gunn," the man said. "I live here on this island. The Captain Flint and his pirate crew left me on this island three years ago to die."

"Where are my friends?" asked Jim.

"Your friends are at the fort," said Ben Gunn.

"Then I am going to the fort too," Jim said. "Are you coming with me?"

"No, I'll stay here. I will be here if you need me," said Ben Gunn.

Jim went through the jungle and arrived back at the fort as the sun was coming up. The fort was still very dark and quiet. Suddenly Jim heard someone speak.

"Well, well!" said Long John Silver. "Jim Hawkins has come to visit us! Have you decided to join us? Have you decided to become a pirate?" "Now I have the treasure map!"

"Good old Long John Silver!" the pirates shouted.

Jim was surprised and thought, "How did Long John Silver get the map? Did he kill all my friends?"