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Treasure Island Chapter 8

All of the pirates went off to search for the treasure. They walked along the beach looking for the tall tree that was on the map.

There are many tall trees on the island, so the pirates had to look at each one. Then one of the pirates saw a skeleton near one of the trees.

"Who was he, and how did he die?" asked the pirates.

"Captain Flint killed him many years ago," said Long John Silver. "Look at the way his arm is pointing, he is showing us the way to the treasure. Come on! Follow me!"

The pirates followed Long John Silver, but the skeleton made them afraid. The pirates followed the map to the top of a hill where they found a big dead tree. Then the pirates took their shovels and started to dig.

After a while, they found a large heavy wooden box. The pirates were very excited, but when they opened the box, there was nothing inside but sand. Then the pirates looked at Long John Silver. They were all very angry.

Suddenly Dr. Livesey, Captain Smollett and Ben Gunn came out of the jungle firing their guns. The pirates fought back for a while, but they soon gave up and ran away.