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Treasure Island Chapter 9

All the pirates ran away and hid in the jungle. Only Long John Silver was left.

"What are you doing here, Ben Gunn?" asked Long John Silver, "and where is the treasure?"

"I found the treasure a long time ago," said Ben Gunn, "and I moved it to my secret cave on the island."

"That is why I let the pirates have the map," Dr. Livesey said. "Since the map was useless, I told Long John Silver I would give him the map if he would tell the pirates not to kill us."

"I want to go home," said Long John Silver. "Will you take me back to Bristol?"

They all carried the treasure back to the Hispaniola. Long John Silver cooked a good dinner for them and they all laughed and sang songs. Everyone was happy that evening.

Then the next day they started to sail back to Bristol.

"Do you think you will ever go hunting for buried treasure again, Jim?" asked Long John Silver.

"No," replied Jim, "and I never want to visit that terrible island again. I think I will have bad dreams about it for many years."

The End